Day 21 Mantova to Brescia!! 50 miles

Its never over till the fat lady sings

So the last day ! I could not believe that, on the one hand it had come round so quickly ,yet on the other hand it seemed ages ago that we had left Brescia in the pouring rain.

The morning was sunny but autumn has definitely arrived as there was a distinct chill in the air.

Mantova was a completely hidden gem and I want to go back and see it properly.

We were soon out of the town and on a very small road which ran along the river, the biking was superb and this was such a treat for the last day.

We had calculated that after 26 miles today we would have actually covered the 1000 miles and so when this was reached we had a small celebration.

The 1000 mile mark!

However the challenge was to complete the Mille Migla course ,and we were soon on the road again .

The ride into Brescia was fine - if a little busy, and we decided to take the opportunity to re visit the Museum for another group photo shoot.

The week four team in the centre of Brescia - where the race actually started.

So it was all over .... or so we thought ....... but this tour has never failed to show not to take anything for granted , Barbara called me to say the hotel where they had arrived at , and unloaded all our luggage in the foyer had no record of our booking ! frantic calls and a trip to the hotel we had originally stayed in ,confirmed we were indeed staying there again, bags were re packed and then unpacked into the correct hotel ...

The bikes were dismantled and the van packed to the gunnels

So at last the celebrations could begin - which they did !! hence this is a day late !!

I will do a summary blog in a day or so when the dust has settled.

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