Day 20 Cremona to Mantova 50 miles

We left Cremona this morning at about 9:30 and there was a distinct autumn feel about the morning. The leaves are dropping ,but the sun continues to shine.

The first 18 miles were on a completely straight road, which although it was a minor road was very busy. We also had a head wind for pretty mush the first time on the trip. It was just a case of knocking off the miles till we got to the coffee stop.

There are no pictures of the first 18 miles, just think of the A16 .....

Coffee as in a delightful village San Giovanni in Croce, which had a beautiful Medici Villa in the centre of the town. The Cafe was a typical Italian bar cafe, with the locals getting stuck into an early Rosé at 11.00 .

We decided to have a little rethink about the rest of the day and managed to find a bike path which took us along the river Po again. It was a welcome relief just to get away for the traffic and the scenery was once again wonderful.

lunch was taken right on the river , again John Vaughn , Barbara and gill fond the perfect spot.

After lunch we had to cross the river over this floating bridge. we ventured onto it to take some photos, only to be shouted at by some Italian bridge operative .

Karl managed to break a wheel coming over the bridge , and TWO punctures later joined us on or way into Mantover.

Mantover is the most exquisite town , we only wished we had more time to explore it.

So tomorrow is the last day of this extraordinary adventure , all I hope and pray for is everyone arrives safe .


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