Rest Day Cremona

Its great when you have no expectations and are simply blown away .......

Well that has been the case in Cremona on every front. The weather forecast was for rain and thunderstorms, so we have surprised to have had sunshine all day; and I had no Idea that Cremona was such a fantastic place and the home of the violin.

There was a great little market today which was fun to wander around. The cathedral in the centre was both massive and impressive.

We then went to the violin museum and having made bamboo bikes marvelled at the skill and craftsmanship required to make a violin .

We visited a violin workshop where the owner proudly showed us his violins (15,000 euros each) it was so interesting to see how this place is the world centre for violins.

Some of the violins in the museum were worth 15 Milloin euros - not the one Vaughn has here!

So tomorrow we start the last leg of this journey with two days biking to get back to Brescia where it all started a month ago .

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