Day 18 Bologna to Castelnovo Di Sotto 53 miles 400 ft climbing

Trials , tribulations and I am never going to buy a Lamborghini ......

I knew the day was not looking good when the combination lock we used to secure all the bikes refused to open , so Paul B and I had to dismantle the bike securing device I had very carefully made made.

With the bikes now out of the garage , We had a plan. John , Vaughn Barbara and Gill were to take the van to a local garage for a quick reset and then come and meet us for lunch.

The way out of Bologna was very busy , the road flat and quite narrow ,and frankly was not an enjoyable experience. We are now on the flat lands and the countryside is no where near as interesting.

On the up side we are now in the motor capital of Italy , the home of Ferrari, Lamborghini and excellent van mechanics.

Our route took us right past the Lamborghini factory , so we thought it rude not to pop in and to see the museum. A very official looking lady came out and took our photo , so I popped into the museum to see if they would let us in for a quick photo. I showed them the charity press release , and I may as well have shown them a copy of my latest electricity bill for the good it did. "No we could not pop in and would we mind removing our bikes from outside" So NO I am never going to buy a Lamborghini!

A quick call to John to check on the van progress, revealed that things were not as simple as we thought and the van now required an oil and filter change , the DPF filter regenerating , a software clean up .... and this would now involve John, Vaughn Barbara and Gill, spending the day at the garage , including going to lunch with the mechanics. Only John and Vaughn could pull this one!

We decided to stop for lunch at an excellent cafe and had some of the best pasta we had ever had.

The route to the hotel was flat , but at least the traffic was much much less and the ride was pleasant.

Having got to the hotel , John called to say lunch had taken longer than expected and there were a few more glitches to sort out.... So they did not arrive at the hotel till about 7. Since they had all our bags on the van , there was frenetic activity in order to get ready for supper.

The Van had been declared fit once again and John put it through its paces on the way to the hotel , only for it to show who was boss by going back into limp mode! This proved only temporary, but i guess we have not seen the end of that yet.

The meal at the hotel was excellent , the restaurant was owned by a family ,the husband used to be a motor bike tester and journalist . He was apparently the first man who was not a professional works driver to get his elbow to the track whilst cornering ...

We wnet to bed tired and emotional , only to be kept awake by some Italians who decided to make a huge noise till 3 this morning ----- thats usually our job!

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