Day 17 Porretta terme to Bologna 40 miles 1200 ft climbing

"We don't want hills and we don't want busy roads"

So this was the first day for the week four crew . Now I am not saying they are demanding but the we don't want hills and we don't want busy roads mantra was coming over loud and clear. however i had promised this was to be a different week and Paul B and i spent hours pouring over the new large scale map and Paul B then spent even more hours re mapping and re mapping ( probably longer than he could have biked it!)

The good news was that we now had three ladies in the peleton, Bevlar, louise and Yvonne who would keep the "Mamils" in check and Mac had pronounced himself fit to ride. After come considerable fettling we were good to go.

The week four peloton

Mac now pronounced fit.

Our three ladies

As soon as we were out of Porretta Terme, we were able to access small country roads and it was apparent the re map was well worth it.

We followed the course of the valley , but managed to keep off the SS64 for the entire way to Vertago some 15 miles later where we met the van for coffee.

The town hall in Vertigo

After coffee we continued along the minor roads to everyones delight , however we did find one small hill at 12% which caused some mutterings!

After a short while the road got smaller and smaller and I think there were some in the group who thought we had taken the "please can we avoid main roads " one step too far...

Poor Ian who has a bad arm really suffered on this surface which got worse and worse .

We arranged to meet the van at an aptly named place called Panico , which had a spectacular view and a small climb to the picnic spot.

The peloton crosses the bridge

The run into Bologna was un eventful even if on main roads and the town was so quiet being a Sunday.

I Think we would all agree that this has been an amazing day, Thank you Paul for the re re re re route. I think it has been a very chilled intro day ,exactly what I was hoping for, The photo taken at lunch sums it up .... Sundays are for relaxing !!!!


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