Rest day Porretta Terme

Rest days are always a bit odd , you have become used to the routine of getting up and biking , so it actually takes a bit of adjustment. Also rest days signal the departure of friends which is always sad and arrival of new friends which is exciting.

We are sad to see Philip , Graham , James W. and Kirk and Anne leaving.

For me this has been a special week to be biking with James. If ever we were under the illusion that we were bike fit James has shattered that ! His speed up the climbs has been amazing and then when he gets time he just pops out for a 2 hour run.......

The romance between Graham and Ian has been a joy to see blossom , Graham has left his bike and we will strip it down and find that electric motor. Graham your humour and spirit will be missed I don't think I have not seen you smile all week.

Philip - "I have done no training" was also like a rat up a drain pipe up the hills.

Ian is with us to the end so thats brilliant.

Then we say good bye to Kirk and Anne... as usual kirk has had us in stitches with his humour and little ways. It is a miracle he has managed to arrive at the same hotel as us each day. I was a little concerned when he said he was getting a train ticket back to Siena .....

Kirk sloping off with Roberta !

Anne you have been a star on and off the van , the effort you put into completing two very tough days is an example to us all. Even if the sound track was interesting !

Later I took the van to pick up some of the new crew and to drop James W off at Bologna airport . with a plan to have a new group lunch, Paul B informed me we had a table booked for 14 at 1:30. Unfortunately the traffic was horrific and our arrival was delayed. This news did not go down well with the restaurant owner, who had a complete fit, and stripped the table of all the table cloths and glasses. When we did eventually arrive we were advised not to go into the restaurant for fear of physical retributions !!

So the new gang, Mike and Bev, Karl and louise, john and Vaughn, Yvonne and I took refuge in a nearby pizza restaurant .

And the Van ............ The Van has decided I had spoken too soon , and was up to its old tricks, first the DPF light came back on then the engine warning lights came on and to add insult to injury the oil level light came on ! and of course went into limp mode.

There were only two people who were pleased about this , John and Vaughn , who had the bonnet open virtually as the can came to a standstill .

WEEK 3 Summary:

We have now covered 801 miles

We have climbed 32,684 ft

We have spent 56 hrs 31 min in the saddle.

More importantly we have passed through some of the most beautiful countryside Italy has to offer, and we look forward to spending our last week with special friends


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