Day 16 Signa to Porretta Terme 40 miles 3500 ft of climbing

"A day of three halves!"

Having taken James Bamboo to the station and said sad fair wells we set off in good spirits. Unfortunately Mac was still unable to ride ,so he and his bike were stuffed into the van!

The first 15 miles were along the flat, which looked on the map to be just a road with a few scattered villages, however this was not to be and it was just a case of riding this section.

We stopped for coffee in a small bar having had a call from Kirk who informed us he seemed to be in a field. Anyway we met up and had a brief re fuel.

We then embarked on a pretty savage climb 2500 ft straight up with gradients that varied between 6% and 12% , I think Richard summed it up well when he said that he had never though 6% could feel flat!

We were all glad and elated to reach the top , James W putting us to shame by getting there over 6 minutes before us .

I will not apologise for no photos of the way up as I had other things on my mind.

Richard looking very pleased to be at the top.

Unfortunately the weather closed in a bit at the top as we were actually in the clouds , the descent was just fabulous as it would it way round the mountain , I could imagine the drivers flying down this in years gone by.

We met Kirk Anne and Barbara for lunch who provided a well earns picnic , they then departed and we set off for what ended up as our shortest ever leg - about 200 meters as we came across this cafe and popped in for tea!

The run into Porretta Terme was uneventful and were delighted to be greated by the team at the hotel. This was a landmark day as it is the last of the big climbing days. We will be sad to say good bye to week three team members , More of that tomorrow.


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