Day 15 Siena to Florence (Signa) 48 miles 3600 feet climbing

Chianti Country !

After our rest day in Siena we were looking forward to a great trip through Chianti country on smaller roads.

Paul B was up early to get the sunrise for the hotel.

We were joined again by Anne KP ( sucker for punishment) but unfortunately Mac had been completely flattened by a horrific stomach bug for the past 24 hours and there was no way he could ride, so he assumed some important van duty.

More is the pity as the roads were simply stunning , with excellent surface and the most spectacular views.

You can tell we are approaching autumn here as the grapes are being harvested and the hedgerows have sloe berries .

Tuscany is hilly - believe me and we were treated to quite a savage first climb with gradients over 12% - a good heart starter.

We went up one climb which must have been about 10 miles and was being prepared for a car hill climb. Some people celebrated reaching the summit more than others ..... ( well he is a Watson )

The rest of the day just got better and better , and we reached Signa at about 4.00.

A special mention of congratulations to Anne - that was a stirling effort.

And of course to kirk Barbara and Mac ...

I can't believe tomorrow is the last day of the week three crew, It is our last really hilly day , but you lot have absolutely smashed it .

The Bamboo bikes proving to be more than capable of anything we can throw at them

A well earned swim at the end of the day (don't be fooled It was freezing!)


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