Day 13 Viterbo to Abbadia San Salvatore 50 miles 4000 feet of climbing

A sting in the tail

We left Viterbo in good spirits ( some feeling a bit shabby it has to be said) The weather looked to be clearing and there were blue skies ahead.

We started with a long 10 mile climb to Montefiascone but were treated to a great descent to Lago Di Bolsena.

We passed a monument to Piero Taruffi who won his fist road race here , notice the little lizard on the stone ( todays money shot). In the opposite direction a super car tour was coming the other way , I felt they could have been indulging in a bit more spirited driving .....

Barbara , Kirk and Anne had found a great sport for coffee after 20 miles

There did seem a slight miscalculation in the coffee ordering and everyone had about three.

Paul R took the opportunity to change his tyre

After coffee we set off with a certain degree of anticipation as we new we were heading for our biggest climb over 400 meter ascent in 5 miles with sections at 16% at the end of a 50 mile ride..

However it was not long what we got an SOS form Ian B who reported his bike had " broken down"

Barbara, Kirk and Anne picked him and the bike up and he arrived looking very pleased at the top of the first climb

Sandra's bike was a bit of a mess, Broken chain , bent derrailier hanger , so out came the tools and some very serious fettling took place.

It took us about an hour to sort it, which it transpired was a real blessing , as those who had not realised there was a problem had gone on ahead and got caught in a massive down pour ( there is justice after all as James M. got soaked and because his bike had broken was had had to get Sandras off the van.)

With everything mended we set off again and it was apparent we had missed this downpour.

We then headed into the big climb which I think it would be fair to say was pretty bloody steep.

James looking very pleased with himself, little did we know we were not at the top and it kicked up to 16 % from here.

A special congratulations to Mac, who it would be fair to say prefers the flat to the hills , through grit and determination got to the top - he almost smiles as he was greeted to a cheer and someone actually handing him a beer before he got off his bike.

So one of those days to look back on with pride and weary legs - if anyone who has sponsored us thinks we have been on a jolly think again. Anyone who is reading this and has not sponsored us please do !!


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