Day 12 Monterotondo to Viterbo 50 miles 4200 ft of climbing

"The Storm"

Yesterdays blog was titles "the quiet before the storm" how very true and very aptly today is called the storm.

We were woken at 5.00 a.m by a massive thunder storm , high winds and torrential rain. At breakfast there was some serious looking at every weather forecast and however we cut it we were going to get wet.

However as we left with a now very extended peloton of 11 bikes , the rain stopped we were in luck... we thought.

I knew this was the big climbing week - the storm , and we were soon into a big 10% climb, it was remarkable how quickly smiles were wiped off faces.

After the first climb Bikes were already needing a bit of fettling. James M. announced his gear cable had broken so he was stuck in one gear.

We arrived for coffee in Civita Castellana , which was an extraordinary place with the most complicated one way roads which were tiny. Kirk came across a 90 degree bend which the van would not go round so he had to go up a one way street the wrong way. Then the heavens opened.

We took refuge in a cafe , but it did not let up.

The next 30 miles were in very very heavy rain and quickly the roads became flooded. It quickly became survival biking .We had a big climb at he end of the day and a long decent into Viterbo.

The hotel was very welcoming however no hot water and pathetic internet was not what we needed.

James and I quickly put up the Dobi line and he managed to blow up the hair dryer trying to get our clothes dry.

Viterbo looked nothing from the outside but is a magnificent medieval city. Cobbled streets and interesting alleyways . The Rain let up enough to have a walk , but it was the first time a long trouser was required.

Kirk was soon at home mixing with the locals ........

We were eating out of the hotel and a near by Pizza restaurant served great Pizzas.

As we left the heavens opened again and James, kirk, Philip B, Mac and I took refuge in a bar .... but thats another story.

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