Rest day 21/9/19

The quiet before the storm .........

I always think "what are we going to do on a rest day?" well today we had lots to do .

First we had to completely empty the van and re assemble all the bikes we had beed carrying . So we tried to remember which seat went with which bike, where we had put the peddles and which bikes were going to be needed. We also fitted the rear seats and now there are only three bikes left on the van . All this takes much longer than you anticipate .

This picture was three of us trying to get a new tyre onto my condor bike wheel, notice Mac in an advisory role .....

One absolute result is that we found the white wine we had bought from the super market ( see it on the table) has made the most fantastic hand cleaner dissolving grease and oil immediately ..

It was not long before I got a message saying there flight into Rome had landed and the team were arriving .

Soon a highly polished black van with chrome wheels and blacked out windows ( no van envy here!) arrived outside the hotel .

So we welcomed Kirk, Anne, James W. James M. Philip B. Graham S and Ian B. it was like seven new labrador puppies arriving ! So bags were dumped and off to lunch we went.

Interestingly the patron decided we needed a double pasta lunch , the chef was also most intrigued about our bamboo bikes so we had to go back to the hotel and get some bikes out to show him. He said he was the regional champion....

It transpired he was a motor bike champion !

WEEK 2 Summary :

We have now covered 569 miles so we are well over half way in mileage.

We have climbed 15,823 feet so WELL under half our climbing

We have spent 38 hrs 49 mins in the saddle

Stirling Moss made the Rome check point in under 5 hours ......

Lessons learnt :

The thunder storms this week that hit us this week ,really showed how important it is to celebrate when things are going well and yet not to be complacent . You can be in the wrong place at the wrong time and there is nothing you can do about it. I think this reinforces our "celebrating life" mantra for the charity. It also completely vindicates my belief that we need to make the most of each day and trust in the journey. We have passed through, and been within, the most incredible countryside ,we need to feast on this.

So I welcome all the new arrivals and look forward to a week together that I think will be challenging and hope fulfilling .


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