Day 11 Riete to Monterotondo 45 miles 2850 ft of climbing

We decided to re map todays route to try to find some quieter roads, this meant a bit bigger day and more climbing but the pay off was certainly worth it ( Thank you Paul B for the extra work this caused)

As we left Rieti ,it was obvious this was going to be a lovely day weather wise, autumnal mist lay in the vally and the sunlight through the tree lined road we travelled on was spectacular . We had only gone about half a mile before any sleeves or jackets were abandoned.

We were soon out of the town and travelling along the main road, I was pleased to see an Aston DB2/4 and a couple of Ferraris blatting along the other way.

Once we turned off the main road we were treated to idyllic countryside with breathtaking views ,and virtually no cars.

( The picture above was not posed at all.......)

The road surface was interesting , in some places it was billiard table smooth and in others it was some of the worse pot holes i have ever encountered. Now I am hoping they get the roads finished while there is still EU money !

After coffee we were travelling along to be accosted by this man who asked us to push his car. His dentition was such that I nearly came out of retirement , we were ushered up this track where hid Fiat panda (naturally ) was across he track , and the front was full of grapes I feel he may have borrowed form the vineyard .

After much gesticulating and manovering we managed to get the car turned round, pushed it onto the road ,It failed to start, so we pushed it hard so it went down a hill and turned round and bikes off in the opposite direction as quick as we could.

The rest of the morning was just uneventful riding through beautiful countryside , We met kjell and Anita for a late picnic just 5 miles from home.

I want to thank kjell and Anita for looking after us , their visit was short , which makes the effort they have made seem even greater. Kjell has been an ardent supporter of the Charity form day one ,and so from all of us a huge thank you.

I said we were only 5 miles from home , what I omitted to say was almost as soon as we left lunch, with stomachs bulging we encountered 16% climbs - there is always a sting in the tail.

And the Van ......................................................

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