Rest day 18/9/19 0 miles

A well earns rest day saw us taking stock

Bikes were fettled

Washing was done

Food was eaten and wine was drunk

We had big plans of a hike to a nearby village, however weary limbs and 30 degree temp soon put paid to that. It was good for us all just to relax , chat and take stock of where we were and how we were doing.

Walking around the village, it really struck home how devastating the earthquake has been on this community, many houses are deserted and it seems that ten years on the community is hanging on by its fingertips. Yet the hospitality we have been shown has been superb.

We were looking forward to the evening entertainment ..... lucky it was shut

And the Van - which is rapidly becoming the first thing any one asks me .... It obviously had a little trip to the garage as the mechanic had bought some magic ( AKA expensive) fluid to put into the fuel tank , We sloshed it all in so watch this space.

Next we head west to Rieti a 45 mile ride with 3400 ft of climbing .

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