Day 9 Popoli to Poggio Picenze 30 miles!

"The only way is up"

I can't describe the joy when i looked at todays route to see it was only 30 miles , only to be dashed to see that 29 of those were up and it was to be our biggest climbing day yet at 2972 feet.

The road was beautiful and so much quieter this was how I had imagined the trip to be.

We set a steady pace and I just love to be in the mountains , you tend to spread out when climbing so you can be left with the mountain and your thoughts.

we reached the hotel in good time for lunch , Kjell and Anita had discovered this amazing restaurant so we felt it rude not to indulge in fantastic local food.

Poggio Picenze suffered from the earthquake in 2009 being only 10 kms from the centre. This damage is still very evident today

The afternoon was obviously spent at the local garage where the van was once more plugged into diagnostics , after some serious fettling the mechanic suggested we took it down the road and simply thrashed it which we did and it seems to have improved matters .... for today as we celebrated only one warning light on now .

tomorrow is a rest day for washing and bike fettling, although the bikes are proving much more reliable than the van - which is ironic as the VW advertising slogan "I wish everything was as reliable as a VW" is proving hard to understand.

Now we are in such beautiful countryside we need to take time to take it all in.


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