Day 8 Porto Racanati to Popoli 60 miles

A day of two halves

Sun rise from our hotel.

We decided to start the day with what is becoming a habit and that is by visiting a garage! Since there was a VW garage near by, and I was becoming increasingly concerned that the drivers were now needing sun glasses due to the glare from all the warning lights on the Van. Once again all plugged in and various faults diagnosed . I am now an expert on VW fault codes for example did you know that 00242 is DPF fault?

This VW garage diagnosed a blocked DPF filter and possibly a knackered turbo ,they wanted to keep the car for 4 days and it was all looking very expensive indeed! So we decided just to press on and try to sort it on our next day off.

We continued down the coast , sharing the van duties for the last day, till we reached Pescara and we then headed inland exactly as per the 55 Mille Miglia . On the one hand we were sad to say good bye to the sea and the beaches ( particularly our after bike swim) but we were not sad to say good bye to the hideous over development, and the traffic density.

There was one great bit of riding as Paul had made valiant efforts to get us near to the beach .....

So we now headed up the SS5 towards Popoli , and within about 10 miles inland we could have been in a different country , wonderful open country side and of course Hills.

Our hotel was certainly not a looker and Popoli is an extraordinary place that once must have had huge wealth but now seemed a bit down at heal.

In the evening we welcomed Kjell and Anita who had flown into Rome and then travelled across country to Popoli to meet us , we look forward sharing this adventure with them .


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