Week one summary ....

A week has passed already , on the one hand it has flown by yet on the other hand so much has happened that I feel we have been away forever.

I want to start this by saying A BIG THANK YOU to Tim .

You have nursed the van down all on your own,

You have coped with more engine warning lights than I thought possible,

You have looked after us so well ,always with a smile ,and have found the most extraordinary places to stop.....

The finale .... prawn cocktail starter !!! Although don't want to be picky but it could have done with some capers and a bit more black pepper.


We have biked 340 miles

Which has taken 23 hrs in the saddle

at an average speed of 14.6 miles per hour

The sobering thought is that Stirling Moss , started at 7:22 in the morning and got to the same place in 3 hrs 10 mins - at 10:32 in the morning !!

The Weeks lessons

1) biking in the rain is no fun

2) biking in the sun with the wind on your back is perfect

3) For Italian drivers , road signs, traffic lights, pedestrian crossings are merely suggestions and more often or not are completely ignored

4) Time is going quickly we must take time to savour every moment and enjoy everything this journey has to offer

5) I feel privileged to be sharing this experience with friends.

We look forward to welcoming Kjell and Anita next week


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