Day 6 Fano to Porto Recanti 62 miles

Deja vu

Today looked like a very similar ride to yesterday , a 30 mile blast along the coast followed by a period of climbing and then a descent into the destination town.

We left Fano and proceeded along the SS16 . Paul B said he had seen old film footage of Stirling Moss travelling along this very road. We were managing about 18 mph , he was travelling in excess of 150 mph.

Once we able to access the beach road everything was much quieter . We then noticed that Paul R was missing. He had been stopped by an elderly gent who was telling him he used to be a championship cyclist ..and then produced a book to prove it ! he loved the bamboo bike and insisted on a photo . It is these chance encounters that so enrich our day.

We then proceeded to coffee and once again Tim had sniffed out the most amazing place to stop . It has to be said the access was somewhat unusual .

Almost as soon as we had left the coffee stop we went through Ancona and then the climbing started .

After some considerable climbing and even more swearing from Mac we pulled into Porto Recanti , which looks a great place for us to spend our first rest day since leaving .

As I said today was a bit of Deja Vu, a very similar ride ending with a big climb , and a great swim to relax afterwards .... ( and a couple of beers)

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