Day 5 Cervia to Fano 60 miles

I need a hat which says "Baciami in fretta !"

We left Cevia in fine spirits , the hotel had the ideal place for the Tourdesands Banner.

We then proceeded along the coast to Rimini ...... This was 30 miles of wall to wall hotels, and shops selling any manner of tat ! It was fun biking along the sea front ,since it was flat ,but pretty hazardous.

A coffee coffee stop at the famous ( you will need to ask Richard why!!) Hotel Jumbo in Rimini refuelled us

Once we were past Rimini we headed away from the coast and I could not believe how quickly the landscape changed. We were suddenly plunged into breathtaking countryside and also steep climbs.

This was a welcome change form the flat lands and although we had made great progress the countryside was interesting but not beautiful.

Also I think we were all keen to get off the beaten track, the traffic density has been a surprise , and it was also good to use our climbing muscles ( or so we thought)

Mac remembered that "a Hill is just a Hill" and i can't repeat how he also described a hill!!

Tim had found another great spot for lunch ,

And so revived and in good spirits we arrived in Fano . Yet another absolute jewel of a town with large piazzas and wonderful architecture.

A reviving swim was the perfect end to the day , I have NEVER seen so many sun umbrellas in one place.

We had a lovely eveneing in Fano in readiness for the next day.

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