Day 4 Ferrara to Cervia 64 miles (not!!!)

"You never know whats round the corner ........"

We left Ferrara in fine spirits , a beautiful morning , but with a 64 mile section ahead.

The route out of Ferrara was easy and we left the city through the old city gates and then cycled beside the city wall.

We made great progress to our planned coffee stop in Argenta , and I had received a message form Tim which simply said "you will be wanting to spend some time here."

When we arrived we were treated to one of those moments that only a trip like this can deliver , out of the blue we had stumbled on the most extraordinary place , It was "four candles" meets Harrison and Dunn, meets a brewery , meets Acorn Antiques, all rolled into one, and to cap it all the owner (80) was a celebrity cyclist who had done the Giro Italia !! He immediately went home to fetch his most beautiful bike which he had competed with .

When the Bamboo bikes arrived, and he had given them his seal of approval ,quite a crowd arrived , and everyone seemed to be taking photos

Where else could you buy a car sign , a vintage radio and fresh chillies, all in the same place?

our patron on the left

The Pauls were obviously inside testing the wine ,which I fear is not one for laying down, however we have invested in 3 litres of the finest for 7 euros to be tried this evening .

Come on you two its 21.50 Euros a litre ........

After fond fairwells we departed and soon covered the next 20 miles to lunch . The day it seamed was going perfectly .

Paul B lost his bike by making the schoolboy error of parking it amongst bamboo.

The we set off to our destination, Cervia ..... unfortunately we had not realised our route took us on a dual carriageway where bikes are not permitted , so we had to double back , and completely re route the last 10 miles. We arrived at the hotel tired and emotional - a day of 75 miles .

A swim in the sea soon allowed us to forget , and then there was that wine to try ,

So we finished the night with a heart to heart as to why we are all here on the ride , initiated by Mac. What we had to say is private and has no place here .

In the end a great day , emotionally and physically draining spent with 6 very very special people .

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