Day 3 Monselice to Ferrara 53 miles.

Another day of perfect cycling conditions , a favourable wind for most of the day and a steady 25 degrees with not too much sun.

Tim, leaving nothing to chance loaded the van with all the provisions for the day ....

Ready for the off from not the best named hotel!

We progressed through more open agricultural land. I was glad Mike Harpham was not with us as every type of fruit was being grown and we would have never got him out of the area.

We then progressed at a fast pace to lunch stop after 35 miles

Tim, once again managed to find the perfect spot beside the river Po.

The observant amongst you will notice that not only was this a restful place for lunch , but also there was a ready supply of fresh bamboo for the bikes.

I think it is fair to say that everyone is now very happy with their bikes , with micro adjustments being made on a regular basis!

in the evening we explored Ferrara which has the most wonderful city wall and is called the "city of cyclists" I just wish that someone had told the car drivers about that on the way in.

i think it is fair to say the team were less than enthusiastic about walking on the city walls after the days ride; however we had a good look round. the buildings are grand and the squares huge. We found an excellent place to eat which had a regional menu featuring a local sausage.

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