Day 2 Verona to Monselice 54 miles

So if yesterday was wet wet wet , today was sun sun sun .

We knew that today was not going to be about the views as we were heading through the flat lands out of Verona, and we were soon speeding along in ideal conditions through fruit fields, sunflowers, rice fields and beans and corn . However I can’t help feeling we would have had the same views in the fen .

With virtually no wind we made rapid progress , stopping only for a coffee stop and an excellent lunch provided by our host Tim - who was slightly annoyed none of us had any change for a tip .

In the evening we wandered into the old town - what a jewel ! It is just incredible , we are only here because it is 50 miles from where we stayed last night , on the road you would not give it a second look , yet venture into the town and it’s a different world - including a shop where the owner had made a wooden bike - imagine the look on his face when we showed him ours !

The fen !

Lunch stop ( van behaving perfectly )....

A well deserved beer - from where I am writing this ! So over and out , a good day ..... which may just deteriorate .

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