Day 1 Brescia to Verona ... "Wet Wet Wet"

Having had a lovely day yesterday this was the view from the window of our hotel on waking ...

And it got worse !

So off we set , and the rain got worse and worse , we had to stop after 10 miles and try to take some sort of shelter and then we pushed on to meet Tim at Lake Garda . ....

Now in my minds eye I had imagined Lake Garda with Riva speedboats swooping around with bikini clad Italian babes on board , so imagine my disappointment when this was what greeted us

So we stopped in yet another cafe , and drank them out of hot chocolate , with two of our team seriously hypothermic . Then as we left the rain stopped and the sun almost came out .

We had a great run into Verona , in the dry and checked into the hotel .

What an amazing place Verona is !!

So we have made it through our first day, what a challenge, but we are here , we are safe ,and tomorrow is another day .

It was interesting looking back at the day as there was a plan to leave at one when the rain was forecast to stop , and in retrospect that would have been better. However we didn't do that and I realised how futile looking back is. We were were we were and nothing could change that - a good life lesson .

looking forward to tomorrow .


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