We are in “ limp mode!”

Thursday :Our intrepid driver Tim called to say the van was running "as sweet as a nut" , I was following progress on find friends ,then the inevitable happened , the van decided to go into limp mode , ( well it is a van of a certain age you understand!) This was disappointing as we had had a full diagnostic test done before we set off . After a few telephone calls and time spent on the internet it was apparent this is a safety mode which prevents further problems occurring. Tim reported that the van was going so slowly that even flies were hitting the back window and lorries were overtaking up the hills that this was not a sustainable solution.

Someone suggested that we should turn the ignition on and off 20 times ( these were desperate times so you will try anything ) and lo and behold it worked , we were up to power again. - Thank you John

Friday : I decided to check on Tims progress on find friends ...........

The friendly VW garage put the Van onto a full diagnostic test and to our delight found no faults , so it looked like the 20 time ignition trick had worked! the garage would accept no payment so Tim donated a tourdesands water bottle to them.

Tim then headed off , through the Mont Blanc tunnel just praying the van would make it through and it is with some enormous relief that he arrived in Brescia at 3.00.

Meanwhile 6 finely honed athletes were boarding the flight from Stansted to Milan , so Paul, Paul, Mac, Richard, Mark and I decided to let them get on the plane first ! and three hours later after a terrifying taxi ride we arrived at the hotel for some pre bike training.

Tomorrow we will unpack the Van and re assemble the bikes ready for the off on Sunday.

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