Wheelie Miglia 2019 - Here we go!!

So here we go! It seems such a long time ago that I was sitting in a lecture about what I thought was going to be the Mille Miglia and turned out was a lecture on Italian architecture ... that the idea came to use the Mille Miglia as the route for our next epic adventure.

I have always wanted to do the event ( in a car) but I think that is , at best, unlikely . Italy is a country that I am unfamiliar with ,yet holds a certain fascination . Most importantly the route gives us a purpose and , at the time 1000 miles seemed a sensible idea.

Building the bamboo bikes has been a fantastic experience, I think we have all learnt new skills , and for me the analogy of building a new life has been particularly pertinent . The bikes draw attention where ever they go , and the feeling of riding something that you have built yourself makes this so much more than just a bike ride.

Yesterday we packed the van , our VW T5 transporter , this has already spent more time in the garage than we would have liked , and it is with some trepidation that Tim will depart for the crossing tonight - “ May the motoring gods be with you”

Packing has been interesting - there is no doubt that last time we all took too much , and the Pauls and I have spent time discussing just what is really required . It’s a lesson in just paring away all the rubbish and focusing on the essentials ... it’s a lesson that we can carry over to our everyday lives even if it proves to be a bit of a smelly one !

I shall aim to post a daily blog so you can follow our progress and the inevitable ups and downs of this epic journey .

Bon voyage Tim , see you in Brescia .....

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