St Barnabas Hospice appoints Tour de Sands Nurse

We're delighted to announce that St Barnabas Hospice have appointed a dedicated Staff Nurse to increase their excellent "Hospice at Home" services reach in the Stamford and surrounding area. The appointed nurse, Cheryl Stow, lives locally and was herself very much part of the St Barnabas team that cared for Sandra in her final days. She is already getting involved in the local neighbourhood healthcare teams and working on getting more referrals from them. Tour de Sands is funding 50% of Cheryl's employment costs for two years, after which St Barnabas will take on the full costs.

Cheryl said; The St Barnabas/Tour De Sands partnership promises to be an exciting member of the wider healthcare team in Stamford and the surrounding area. I firmly believe that we all need to get better at talking about death and dying: talking about it doesn’t make it happen; neither does NOT talking about it prevent it happening. Wouldn’t it be great if we could talk about it without fear and taboos getting in the way of meaningful conversations that help us to make sure we have a meaningful plan for our future? I hope the role will mean that more people will have (and take) more control over the decisions that are made about where and how they want to spend their last months, weeks and days of life. Specifically, the vision is to keep people in their own homes as far as possible, to reassure them that there will be excellent care available to support them and their families, and to make access to hospice services easier for people. There are challenges ahead, but I am excited about the many opportunities and possibilities ahead, and would welcome contact from anyone who is interested in raising awareness about, and reducing fear of talking about “the elephant in the room”.

St Barnabas and Tour de Sands are working together as partners in a more general sense too, and we can expect to have more joint events and mutual support in the future. recently, Cheryl and Janie Mc Cormick from St Barnabas attended the start of the reunion ride and we (Louise Chapman and myself) helped out on their stall on Stamford Market to raise awareness of "Dying Matters" week.

You might like to know that St Barnabas are holding a "Midnight Walk" in Stamford on September 15th- OK it's not cycling but it is helping our partners and you might like to take part or sponsor someone; take a look here for more information.

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