"Thank You"

The E2E ride developed into something far bigger than I had ever imagined, as a result more and more people became involved and there is a huge list of people to whom a debt of gratitude is owed. so without looking like an Oscar speech here goes.

First and foremost thank you to everyone who has sponsored this event The response and generosity has been a very humbling experience as I know the call on so many people to sponsor events is huge.

We set ourselves a target of £25,000 , which at the time seemed a big ask but possibly achievable.

I think the final figure is going to be in excess of £75,000 which is simply wonderful.

Thank you to Tim Nicol and Karl Chapman for agreeing to be trustees of the Tourdesands Charity your help, support and guidance has been immense. I have complete confidence that we will be able to maximise the good we can do for both the Lymphodoema Support Network and St Barnabas Hospice.

Thank you to everyone who has ridden a stage and thank you all for your fundraising . In total we have had nearly 100 people riding at least one stage , you are all heroes .

Thank you to my sister Susie for organising the Australia Ride.

Thank you to my great friend Neil for organising the New Zealand Ride.

Thank you to Jeff for organising the Rutland Ride.

Thank you to our corporate sponsors:

Serpentine Green


Denplan ( who had a complete re brand during the event and are no longer called Denplan!)

Practice Plan

Partners wealth management

Pace Project management

Kim technologies who sponsored all the water bottles

Thank you to Tim Lloyd, to my brother Jon , and to Steve for the help with the logo and graphics - a painful process but we got there in the end.

Thank you to Barnack Confectionary who supplied the "Jellyactrics" the preferred sweet of the tour!

Thank you to Condor Cycles who lent us three bikes and provided us with spares.

Thank you to Barry Pritchard who sponsored a large proportion of the polo shirts

Thank you to Julian Bronson who provided us with the star of the show the Van, "its got a bit of pick up you know"

Thank you to the Van drivers, who gave up their time, who organised us, fed us and kept us going.

Mike Simpson

Nigel and Anne Kirkpatrick

Rob Avery

Tim Nicol

Bill Hanson

John Taylor and Vaughan Lake

Thank you to the guru of support Jenny Smith, who showed the van drivers what to do, and who supported us through the Uk

Thank you to the marshals and the support team back at home:

Cate and Simon Goodwin

Paul and Alison Way

Peter Beeke

Sam and John Hayden

Louise and Simon

Bill and Claude Bulman

Peter Atkinson

Shaun and Rachel Sutton

Thank you to the horticultural society for their support and donating the proceeds from the "Would I Lie to You/Gardners Question Time" extravaganza.

Thank you to Alex and Chinzia , for the support at the Carbs before Carbs party and for donating the food proceeds after the Rutland ride.

Thank you to Loretta, Dee, Angela , Kjell, Ian and Carol for sorting things out in Spain and organising the parties.

And last, to Paul Robinson, Paul Bouscarle and Mac Mc Carthy - We have said it to each other in private , nothing needs adding here.

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