Day 38 Puente Genil to Antequera - Happy Birthday Paul

There were some tired legs starting this stage , the previous two days had taken a bit of a toll on the peloton , however as has been proven time and time again on this journey, team spirit and good humor were always going to help us through.

We left Puente Genil and tracked a route along a river. Note to self - just because a road follows a river on the map does not mean it is at the same altitude! We quickly started climbing - a constant theme for the day, since although the route was a modest 41 miles there was to be 3000 ft of climbing throuout the day and we were to finish a net 1200 ft higher than we started. The hills were long and at times steep regularly kicking up to 12% .

We covered the first 18 miles to the first stop, and then we had a lovely surprise when Vaughan, who was van driving with John announced that he was so taken with the event that he would like to ride as well. Now it would be fair to say his training had been "modest" i.e none and there were some raised eyebrows when he told us after trying a bike for size by riding it 400 meters that was his longest ride! However he took to it like a duck to water and rode for the rest of the day- how brilliant is that.

We arrived in Antequera in good time, so settled into the hotel, with the now familiar routine of washing out our bike gear and hanging it from any available window or balcony. Tomorrow is a rest day, the last rest day before the final two days.

Talk of the end of the ride is naturally becoming more frequent, I am spending more time sorting admin for the end parties, however we still have over 70 miles to run through some pretty hilly country.

Sandra's bike- the star of the show, has now been ridden by 22 different people.

we are now very much in the heart of olive country

E2E riders in the distance!

mean and moody condor shot

Vaughan ready for the off!

Mac power napping

Paul trying to order a coffee - unfortunately it was an air conditioning unit!

view from my balcony

always on brand

Happy Birthday Paul from all of us x

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