Day 37 Pedro Abad to Puente Genil : Ups and Downs

The day started late. Having negotiated an early breakfast with the hotel we were somewhat surprised to find that the power to the lift was turned off actually preventing us getting to the dining room - no wonder he agreed so readily!

After fond farewells with the hotel owner , his father and various relatives we set off to head south . Once again the scenery changed as we left the village and we passed through huge fields of sunflowers and olive groves spreading as far as the eye could see .

The road surface deteriorated and the wind blew straight into our faces , then the hills started , we were under no illusion that this was going to be a hard day . Our fears were well founded , 55 miles into a head wind , with 4500 ft of climbing , is quite hard for anyone, and especially hard for tired legs .

We arrived at the hotel , tired but happy we had completed the day . The hotel was actually situated in a petrol station - a novelty - but great for car spotting .

It was lovely to see Louise riding Sandra's bike with such spirit .

Another day when the friendship and team spirit have just carried us through, another wonderful day on this journey.

It takes skill to get a shot like this

Hotel owner sad to see us go ( or sad to see the bar bill go )

well done mac

Go PIP!!!!

Karl showing the benefit of the long sock

Don't they make a lovely couple?

It is quite extraordinary the cheap tricks some people will adopt to get a photo passed by he editing committee for publishing on the blog. yes its correctly framed ( condor), and yes its completely on brand, and yes its your birthday today , so Happy birthday Paul B. we all love you.

There you go a simple shot would have done !

Louise on Sandra bike "Thank you"

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