Day 36 Dos Torres to Pedro Abad : A baptism of fire!

Today was all change for both the Peloton and the Van crew. The first riding day for Karl Louise Pip and Billy ( who had seemlessly converted from van driver to rider overnight) . Also the first driving day for John and Vaughan - which seemed strange since they had been with us for 48 hours already. I might mention that by the time we had arrived in Dos Torres they had "researched" the dining facilities fully and were on first name terms with the owners, and had also managed to be invited to a Jamon producers house. A leopard never changes its spots.

Dos Torres had been a complete delight and a testament to my 50 mile a day theory. To say it was off the beaten track was an understatement in the extreme, in fact I genuinely believe we were the first English visitors for quite a while. The food in the local bar/ restaurant was superb and last night we had a feast for 23 Euros a head including drinks.

The road out of Dos Torres was pretty dull and scruffy, I was concerned that the new arrivals would not believe our tales of such wonderful countryside. I should not have worried , as soon as we turned off the main road we were treated to a route of exquisite beauty , some challenging climbs, followed by a road that had great switchback corners though mountains. After the coffee stop gain the road to Pedro Abad had a couple of climbs , with virtually no cars and then followed this river which had been dammed to form a lake. By this time the temperature had risen to 36 degrees and everyone was pretty tired .

Pip rode Sandra's bike with great dignity and fortitude, a difficult day to be thrown into when you had spent the last 24 hours on a plane, well done!

Eating out last night

returning back to the hotel

when off the main road the countryside was beautiful

John and Vaughn's first stop

photo posted to humour Paul B.

Karl sporting a long sock ........... ( well he is a Chelsea supporter)

the dam over the river

A weary team !

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