Day 35 Rest day

As is becoming the norm the rest day is being used to catch up on admin and to fettle the bikes for the next few days ahead.

Very impressed with Les Dos Paul's who found a livery spot outside the main door of the hotel ,bike stand all set up , and then Paul R. decided to completely take his rear gear set to bits and re build  it on the pavement,much to the amusement of the locals.

I decided to accompany Billy in the van to go to Córdoba to pick up

Karl, louise and Pip from the train station.

Massive respect for Pip who has flown in direct from Hong Kong to join us - winning the longest travelled award .

A trip to Córdoba cannot be done without a visit to the Mezquita- Cathedral de Córdoba, an extraordinary building with an even more extraordinary history.

So we are now set for the next few days , Karl has brought the European wine gum mountain with him ,in readiness for the final push. It is taking real determination not to focus on the destination, especially since today has been all about organizing events for the end , however I am determined to stay true to the enjoyment of the present and the destination will take care of its self .

Chapmans all logoed up ready to board.

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