Day 34: Bazartortaz to Dos Torres.

We all woke up this morning after a very disturbed night , two clocks chiming with large bells every hour ( one about five minutes before the other  for maximum disturbance) and then at 3 o clock Ian's car alarm decided to go off every 20 mins , and it was a while before he could be found /roused.

Again the scenery changed and a much more hilly day was on the cards . We had a "heart starter" climb of 350 meters about a mile out of the blocks , and then we turned into this valley with long undulating hills . This was followed by a big climb of about 500 meters through a bird protection area . 

I know the blog has been littered with description of just how beautiful this country is , but we all agreed this was right up there with one of the best days we had had. 

The temperature was rising very quickly and we have moved from hot chocolate breaks which kept us going in France to cold drinks and ice creams .

Dos Torres looks beautiful, I was slightly alarmed to see two concrete cows on the roundabout coming in so I am just checking to see if it is twinned with Milton Keynes.

It was sad to see Johan and Marrianne leave us , it was such a treat to have them along . 

Today was also a landmark day as we entered Andalucia, it really does feel if we are making progress!

A rest day tomorrow then we head for the hills!! 

Long sweeping bends and hills

Heavily scented brooms beside the road

The reds of the poppy giving way to vast expanse of yellow and purple flowers ( ok so I am not a botanist)

30 miles done  at the top of the second climb

Into Andalucia

You can tell we are getting south as the harvest is done .

Twinned with Milton Keynes?

Our hotel 

Johan's DFS sofa bike  being loaded ( the crane had just left )

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