Day 33 Almagro to Brazatortaz - "You never know what's round the corner"

I wrote yesterday's blog from our hotel not having explored the town , in the evening we went for a wander around what looked like a pretty uninteresting place , so imagine our surprise when we entered the main square to be confronted with the view below . Apparently the town was a center for comedy plays in the 1700's and these balconies were used to perform them .

Since our hotel had adopted a new system of Bed - breakfast ( apparently bed & breakfast was so 2016) we ended up having a full Spanish breakfast in the square this morning.

We set off by 8:45 as it was due to be another scorcher.

As soon as we had left the town , the scenery changed from the flat plains we had ridden over for the past two days to much more rolling countryside with olive groves and vines. There also seemed to be the start of some quite big hills ahead ... Karl louise and Pip take note!

We made good progress , with much more climbing than yesterday ,but with long fast descents to enjoy.

Well done to Ian who rode Sandras bike today, who sadly has to go home tomorrow. Also well done to Johan who lugged the big mountain bike around with a considerable turn of speed, and who has got the tourdesands bug and is staying for another day tomorrow.

After 45 miles we arrived in Brazatortaz , which seems an interesting little place. Our hotel which looked quite derelict form the outside opened up into a place that would seem to have landed form Morocco.

So another days riding done, an excellent day , even if a bit harder than yesterday.

top of ANOTHER hill climb NB Ice warning sign in background!

courtyard of hotel which is full of jasmine plants.

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