Day 32 : Alcazar De San Juan to Almagro "I dream of flat roads and a following wind"

Today was forecast to be hot @32 degrees , we were going to be traveling south west from Alcazar to Almagro. So the news that the wind was a moderate Easterly was well received. We decided to make an early start due to hire heat and the fact we had two new riders on board.

Despite our best efforts Johan could not be persuaded into taking a road bike which we were sure he would regret- how wrong we were! As a "mature' rider we all stood back in disbelief at the speed he could propel that thing, I know it was a ridiculously flat day - our flattest yet, and I know the wind was on his back but we were travelling in excess of 22 mph for the entire route ! well done Johan

Ian brought out his Whizzy new bike , which protested at having to start the day on a road that was closed for roadworks . despite the road blocks, signs , and even a van parked across the carriageway , the Spanish took this as a challenge rather than as a road closure , so we were somewhat surprised to encounter quite a few cars on this road. When we came across the workers who were completely resurfacing the road I was expecting a hostile reaction. They simply applauded us and shouted "Vamos' , none of the miles of traffic cones or contra flow we are used to in the UK. Absolutely brilliant.

After about a mile after the roadworks Ian bike had its first puncture, with the most difficult tyres we have ever encountered to change inner tubes, then after another 5 miles the back tyre cried enough. Luckily we were near a programmed stop and he was able to get it to the van where he changed bikes. Well done to Ian as this was his longest ride to date.

The photos show huge fields of olive trees, corn, and vineyards, all with small dwellings for the farmers to rest since the distances were so vast. We did 55 miles and only went through one town.

Such was the speed of riding we were at the hotel by 1, we had to wake up the hotel owner who let us have our picnic in the courtyard . it was great to get 55 almost free miles under our belts as there are some big mountains in the distance.......

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