Day 29: Guadalajara to Chinchon - "count your blessings"

After the late arrival of Katie, Sam and Dom last night we had some fairly major bike fitting to do this morning , which went without a hitch and we were ready to leave by 9:30. With Billy in charge of the van . The weather was beautiful without a cloud in the sky.

I had fairly low expectations about today in terms of scenery , I was expecting flat boring land , I could not have been more wrong . We had an early climb of 350 meters which took us onto a small road which was lined with the best wild flowers I think I have ever seen . The pressure to get the money shot was on as can be seen from the photos below .

To be riding with James and Katie ( who was in Sandra's bike) in such perfect conditions was simply a blessing . The road was a gentle decent which led to easy riding . The shear beauty of the ride and surroundings meant we were not tempted to go too fast,but feast on what we were experiencing.

At one point we were joined by a Spanish cyclist who just came along and rode with us for about 45 minutes.

Billy has slipped into the van driving seamlessly and produced a fine lunch.

After lunch we rode into Chinchon, which up until today was simply a place on the map , so we were all taken aback to find an extraordinary place with a square that must be a collapsible bull ring with apartments around . A walk around the town revealed tiny streets lined with quirky buildings and a castle on the top of the hill- the icing on the cake .

So today was a day to live in the present and simply to count our blessings, which I think we all did in spades .

Trying to get the money shot!

Katie and Emma

joined by Spanish cyclist

hotel in Chinchon

the main square used as a bull fighting ring

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