Day 28 . A rest day , culture in Madrid

James , Jess and I decided to have a day in Madrid ,while Paul , Paul

and Mac decided to stay in Guadalajara. There were sad fairwells to Stuart and Janice , then we took the train to Madrid. It seemed really odd to be traveling and not pedaling, and when we arrived it all seemed so busy having spent the last month on small country roads and passing through small towns .

We visited the home of Joaquin Sorolla, the Valencian artist who had built a house in Madrid. It was a real treat and very special to look at paintings in the very studio they were painted . Lunch was a great experience in the covered foodhall Mercado de St Miguel,where you could wander from stall to stall and try the Tapas, this was a great experience with a rich variety of foods tried . Then a wander to a roof top bar where very trendy people were hanging out to sample some craft beer.

We then wandered back through the central park El Retiro which had the most beautiful rose garden .

In all a lovely day although I feel if we have walked miles !

I am writing this on the train so I will find out how the rest of the team have got on later.

Tonight we are joined by Bill Hanson as new butler and Emma Way , Katie Sam and Dom, and back on the bikes tomorrow when the forecast looks hot .

Madrid all seemed a bit hectic after such small villages and quiet roads

Mercado de St Miguel

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