Day 27 Atienza to Guadalajara

While we were in the Rural hotel last night - which was excellent. We met a group of spanish mountain bikers who were brilliant fun. They seemed to have exactly the same ethos that we have and that is in participation rather than performance. By the end of the evening we all seemed tim friends. luckily the newspaper article from Soria was available so they understood our mission.

In the morning the weather was bad, rain with thunder storms threatening. We left Atienza after group photos with our new friends, and again we were astonished how the scenery changed form the flat high plains to a rocky valley.

The wind had shifted and was almost on our back, we had two big climbs but the rest of the day was downhill . We stopped for a break early- since breakfast was non existent;and it was not long before the thunder clouds formed. The sky went completely black. We dithered and delayed not sure if it would miss us, having decided it would we were just about to set off when the heavens opened. Thank goodness for the van where we all piled in to take cover.

Once the storm had passed we set off again , the temperature had dropped to 8 degrees so riding was cold , but progress was superb riding at of 25 miles an hour.

The mid morning coffee stop saw us in a village that looked like something from the wild west , and we passed fields full of poppies and wild lavender.

The run into Guadalajara was quick if a bit non descript however we all felt we had completed the 55 miles without emptying the tank too much.

A rest day tomorrow is welcome.

Again a sad day as we say goodbye to Janice and Stuart tomorrow. We also say goodbye to Tim who has again lifted the bar in van driving. He has done a wonderful job and his commitment to the charity continues to be amazing - thank you so much.

Tomorrow we are joined by Katie and Sam and Dom , plus the van driving shoes are to be filled by Billy Hanson, - big shoes indeed .

Our new best friends - chunky tyres for chunky riders ....

Sheltering from the storm

trying to get the money shot

got it!

a fleet of condors

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