Day 26 Soria to Atienza .... hard yards

Having had an excellent meal out in Soria last night we set off in good time as there was no bike fettling to do - or so we thought. After 100 meters James reported a problem with his bike ( karl " where do I fill it up with oil " Chapman The problem was diagnosed as a seized link in the chain. Luckily the butler had not left for his daily duties and Tim swooped round with the van and a new chain was fitted. We decided it would be prudent to get another spare , so a quick search on Internet showed we were 360 meters away from a bike shop. One new chain and a bag full of very important accessories later, we were on our way.

As soon as we were out of town we were on a very small road which meandered through woods , there was not a single car to be seen . We were still in hilly country with lots of undulating climbs . Then the wind began to blow - quite pleasant to start with but then as we came out of the trees it got stronger and stronger. The countryside opened into huge high plains- our highest altitude to date at 1290 meters . Very exposed and very windy straight into our faces. The road was dead straight for miles with continuous hills and dips . There is no other way to describe it other than a very hard graft. The prize at the end of the day was getting to Atienza , a medieval fortress set on a steep high hill, just what you want at the end of 58 miles of graft !

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