Day 25 Tudela to Soria .... the big 1000

The forecast for today was for it to be hot at about 30 ,and the profile of the ride a little daunting at 67 miles , virtually all up hill. We hit out highest altitude at 1196 meters higher than we had been in the pyrenees .

At 10.45 the odometer on Sandra's bike hit 1000 miles, a very proud and emotional moment for us all.

The ride went well , covering the distance in good time , riding in a tight peloton.

The large open spaces with distant peaks made us all feel very insignificant in this huge country.

the key now is to still keep focused each day and not get distracted by the destination .

when we arrived in Soria a local journalist saw the van and contacted us through the website , so we did an interview for them . I hope to have the link up in the next day or so.

The next two days are both big days so we need to keep enjoying it and keep focused

1000 miles done , a real milestone

snow still on the peak

Mac and jess at the top of the climb

james getting cooled off

keep on trucking

lunch stop with the youth

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