Day 23 Sanguesa to Tudela

What a morning ! We woke up to cloudless blue sky and no wind. Last night the owner of the hostel had confirmed that a track we had seen on the map was ok to bike down, this ran along a canal for 10 miles, so we re mapped our route to try and find it. As soon as we were out of the town the country side was beautiful , with wide plains of corn fields accentuated by poppies. Our first climb was a bit of a heart starter at 400 meters but the view at the top was spectacular, we could look back to the Pyrenees and see snow capped mountains- it seems so odd that we were there only two days ago.

Our butler met us for a little refreshment stop on the junction of the road and the canal track - or so we thought. Once we had gone about 200 meters the track ran into a grass lane which we followed only to be taken back to the road we had turned off! we Proceeded down the road for about a mile and then found the correct track - what a treat about 10 miles of good surface along the irrigation canal.

We then proceeded across country where the land had really flattened out and the roads were dead straight, alongside us were fields being flooded for rice growing.

Lunch was magnificent, the boy had found a shop open and produced a buffet fit for a king- I really think he is getting the hang of things now!

A quick run into Tudela saw 64 miles completed and 3300 ft of climb.

Rest day tomorrow - apparently, lets see.

Not the right track!

view form the top of the climb

James, Jess ( riding Sandra's bike) and Paul on the climb

peloton on the canal

The money shot!

the Sat nav says go here !

Butler on duty

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