Day 22 St Jean Pied De Port to Sanguesa

Ok so the plan was to take the van to the top of the climb that we did yesterday and proceed from there ( see yesterdays blog) . This did not go down well with James ,Jess and Stuart who had arrived yesterday . They opted for the full monty baptism of fire and so set out early to do the complete route .

We met them at the top of the climb as planned and we all set off for a very high speed decent and ride into the foothills of the Pyrenees . A wonderful road along a river with billiard table tarmac saw rapid progress. The new young legs now in the peloton injected some serious pace . It was incredible just how quickly the scenery changed from mountains to wide open planes and how quickly the ambiance just felt like Spain .

The day finished with a severe climb to Sanguesa, where we were passed by a fleet of motorbikes travelling at break neck speed - I need to drive this road !

So chapeau to James Jess and Stuart who did the day with ease .

Whereas the past weeks have been a blast it is great to be travelling as family

Our new butler in the form of Tim Nicol continued the trend of "one up vanship " by providing individually named and cooled flannels on arrival at the van .!! I have high hopes for this lad .

decent form pyrenees

At last we are turning !! 900 miles done ( why has my stomach not got smaller.......)

At the top of the big climb today

wide vistas

go mac

lunch stop

Sanguesa high street

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