Day 19 Capbreton to Ainhoa

Have you ever booked a restaurant to have the seven course taster menu and then regretted having a large cheese sandwich just before going out, because you were hungry ? Well today was just like that!

The day saw us depart in the rain, with a poor forecast , however after an hour the sun came out and we had ideal biking weather.

Today we welcomed Tim and Janice to the Peloton.

There was a slight air of trepidation as we knew we were heading to the foothill of the Pyrenees . I could not believe how quickly the terrain changed from the flat roads we had experienced for the past four days to really very hilly conditions. - The Scenery changed to large vistas of mountain pastures with small Basque villages nestled in the valleys.

Although this was a relatively short day in terms of miles (45) , we climbed a respectable 3500 ft.

We arrived at the village of Ainhora - what a picturesque place in bright sunshine, I think we all thought if that was the starter we are not sure we can eat the main course as tomorrow we head for our fist really big climbing day.

One thing I have learnt on this trip is never miss an opportunity to do your washing !

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