Day 18 "Rest" day Capbreton

The term "rest" is not exactly accurate as I have to catch up with admin and blogs and washing ,

however I think it is also a time to take stock . I have been very strict about not looking at days in advance and trying to focus on the present and enjoy each day. The rest days are a good opportunity to look back as we prepare to leave France (just a couple of hills to climb first) and reflect on what we have achieved.

We have ridden 14 stages out of the 31 mapped.

We have been through the UK and have nearly biked through France.

The odometer is reading 749.5 miles.

However much more important is if you add each persons individual miles ridden to date we have ridden 11,102 miles- which is more than Easton to the South Pole!

Not so encouraging is we have only done 29% of our climbing.... ( but that's looking forward so I shall ignore that).

The highlights have been seeing people achieve personal bests and do something they had serious doubts they could achieve, all done with a spirit of support and comradery .

Sandra's bike has been ridden by 11 different people so far which in its self sums up the journey to date.

I shall keep the image below in my mind when we hit the mountains.


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