Day 16 Le Porge to Mimizan

Dark skies greeted us in the morning and we prepared for the forecasted rain. As the group was spread between three hotels the initial part of the ride was spent riding to the hotels and reforming the peloton. We were joined by a youth on an old mountain bike who seemed to want to ride with us a bit like a dolphin will ride in the bow wave of a boat. The embarrassing thing was that no matter how fast we rode he stayed with us , mostly biking on the verge and pavements. The final straw was when he passed us doing a wheelie ! The threatened rain never came and the day got brighter and brighter. The roads were busy so I was delighted to be informed there was a bike track only a few meters away form the road. What a treat this proved to be

( La Velodysee) and we followed this for most of the day. The wind started to pick up and the going became harder later in the afternoon. We had a stop at a lake in Gastes and then a short run into Mimizam. The hotel was on the lake and this was a great location. Another 60 plus mile day which everyone coped very well with.

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