Kirk and Anne

When I planned this trip it became apparent that the success of the trip was hugely reliant on the Van drivers and their support. This has proved to be the case.

Kirk and Anne have taken their duties very seriously ! I have never seen so much planing , route maps, city plans, hotel directions. The van has been pimped with new hooks and clips and is immaculate.

The pleasure we all got form seeing them drive by with kirks regal wave from the drivers window, and then there was the catering. It does help that kirk is a French Supermarketoholic so each day the picnic got more elaborate , and our hand hygiene rules stricter.

But for me to have such dear friends looking after us, and someone to go to when things got a bit low, was invaluable. From all of us Thank you .

Poor Rob who has takin on the Van was subjected to a full hours briefing before Kirk would finally release the keys. Rob we welcome you to the team.

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