Day 13 and 14 St. Savinien to Soulac Sur Mer

Sorry for the late posting of this blog - I blame the Irish! We were joined by my great friends Richard (Muppo) and Hazel Nicholas, and introduced to Brian who was traveling with them. The commitment shown by people to be part of this journey has been humbling in the extreme, - to fly from Belfast then get a train and then a taxi to come and join us for a days cycling and then return goes beyond the call of duty. It was with some considerable worry that I realised Mup had brought his guitar with him - this was not going to be a quiet 24 hours.

We had a wonderful evenings entertainment at the Bar Le Barrage , thank you so much to Noel and Vivi for arranging this and for the hefty contribution to the bar bill; and to Anne for arranging for us to meet the local dignitaries . I would not say we had a quiet night - lets just say the owners are now retired in the Bahamas.

The morning was bright ,but chilly and we set off through quite roads with large open landscapes , it was noticeably flatter - so much so I was expecting to see a sign to Wisbech at any time! the weather got better and better and we made good progress to Royan where we asked Kirk to arrange a venue for lunch ( see photos)

It felt strange getting on a ferry and to be finally by the sea. it made me realise just how far we had travelled. Tim opened the bottle of wine he had been carrying on his crossbar for the voyage and we then had a superb run into Soulac- Sur- Mer along the bike path through the dunes and the pine trees. A great end to the day.

The evening proved to be a "champagne moment" of the journey as we were treated to the concert by Mup and Brian who astonished us with their musical talents and conducted a sing along which I think took the french patron by surprise. Being politely asked to leave as everything was closing one would have thought that was it , Brian had other ideas and persuaded another restaurant to re open so he could have one quite beer.... and so on to act two for another hour and a half. Its not the biking that I am having trouble with its the Apres biking!

As the days progress its all very sad when people who have been so instrumental to the journey have to return home. Tim ,Joanne, Alister, Helen, Nick and Robert you have all been amazing ,Thank you for the friendship and support you have shown me.

Paul has also returned home for a few days - come back soon.

Today was a "day off" which involved just sorting out boring stuff, washing clothes and sorting out the next few days. the day did not go exactly to plan , a late start , followed by a longer lunch than was planned allowed only enough time for a needle boule match on the beach , and oh yes just enough time to buy and Austin Healey.

This evening we welcomed Mike and Bev Harpham, Jeremy and Nikki Moll , Ian and Dawn Strange to the fold I look forward to biking with you all and sharing wth you this incredible journey.

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