Day 12: Fontenay le Compte to St Savinien

With the new team assembled ,and everyone rested ,we actually were all ready for a prompt start.

Not a great start as we made our first wrong turn out of the hotel and went in completely the wrong direction. With bike sat navs sending alerts we quickly made a u turn and were on our way .

Weather was better and it took a short . The roads were so much flatter than we had been used to so progress was quick , with everyone finding a comfortable pace.

Slight hic cup as we approached a "Route Barree" sign . I went on ahead to find a bridge closed. In perfect French I asked if it was ok to proceed with one bike , so imagine his surprise when another 17 came round the corner!

We reached the village of Chorcon, only to find it was market day. Following the sat nav took us through the market - literally . The locals loved all our shirts and quickly engaged in conversation . The fact that we were going to Marbella caused a lot of sharpe intake of breath and "bon courage" . We were infact talking to the president of the local cycling club (allegedly ) and it was not long before we were invited into a local bar for a sharpener - at about 10.30. It would have been rude not to.

We biked on to lunch where Kirk and Anne provided a superb picnic . Then a quick run to St Savinien . Noel and Viv had arranged an evening in a local bar and to meet dignitaries , I have to admit to having sampled the hospitality to the full - hence the late post and probably the spelling mistakes. Onwards and upwards!!

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