Day 11 Ahh a rest day!

So we have now started the routine of three bike days, rest day , two bike days , rest day ... etc.

A sad day saying goodbye to Phil Yea he has been excellent company and I suspect will have clocked up the biggest taxi fayer ever in France today ( would love to know the damage)

The hotel Rabelais where we are staying has the best fettling garage I have ever seen ! With a specific area for bike washing etc . I am definitely going to rerun here in an XK just to use the garage .

Bikes are now fully repaired and settled for the next stint.

We are joined today by Nick and Robert , Richard and Babs, Mark and Flo, Emma and Ali so we will have a peloton of 18 tomorrow!!

Went to the cathedral today after an "excellent" lunch and lit a candle for Sands .

Looking forward to getting on the road again tomorrow.

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