Day 9 Angers to Cholet

"The lord he giveth and the lord he taketh away". Yesterday we enjoyed warm sunshine perfect roads wonderful scenery and a strong headwind . We felt like cycling gods . Today as soon as we left the hotel it started to pour with rain which was pile driven into our faces by a headwind gusting @ 45 kph . Mid morning saw dry weather with strong headwinds , these were tough yards. As soon as we were dry , the heavens opened and the last 16 miles were like riding in a cold power shower. We arrived at the hotel like drowned rats much to the annoyance of the feirce lady that ran the hotel ! 

If you have sponsored us as have been looking at the blog thinking this was a jolly then today we earned every penny. Today also showed grit and determination especially from Joanne that was so typical of Sandra . 59 miles  felt like 89!

Tim rode Sandra's bike and adopted it more to his needs ... see photos 

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