Day 10 Cholet to Fontenay Le Compte

I can't believe it's day 10 !! We left "faulty towers" pleased to escape madams glare, with the threat of more rain looming we decided to try to press on a bit . The route took us through open countryside with huge vistas . It makes you realize just how small you are in large open spaces . The wind continued to be strong , but now a westerly so a cross wind . Joanne took to the saddle again but this time on a road bike , she was unstoppable. 

At breakfast Anne Kirkpatrick announced that she would "have a little go on Sandra's bike" just to our first break at coffee. Her previous longest ride was 10 miles and her training regime has consisted of one ride with Kirk ( on a bike I hasten to add!) . It was so lovely and very moving to see her on the bike . The spirit of Sandra on her  bike took over and Anne completed all 50 miles with 2200 ft of climb . There is only one word Chapeau. 

This journey continues to amaze, to spend days with people achieving personal goals in such a spirit of friendship is a privilege. 

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