Day 6 Argentan to Le Mans

58 miles of fast riding

Set off in -2 degrees with the threat of bad weather this afternoon

Good roads with a Northerly wind on our backs saw the five of us cruising at 20 mph plus speeds

Wonderful rural scenery, roads lined with Orchids .I had just turned off my video camera when a deer crossed the road in front of us .

Bobs last day riding with us - he rode Sandra's bike - thank you Bob you have been great .

Arrived at Le Mans in time for a good lunch and Mike Met us with the van . Mikes last official day as driver - you have been superb. Thank you from all of us .

Now at the Hotel De France outside Le Mans where all the drivers used to stay . I am like a pig in s....t This place is everything I had imagined it would be.Staying in the Graham Hill room 300 miles completed , not a moment goes by without thinking of Sands which is how it should be .Day off tomorrow- could be a big night as Tim and Joanne, Helen and Alister, Kirk and Anne and princess Pam Pam arrive this evening .

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